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Technology Keywords
The Key to Even Faster Electronic Design Services!

The technology areas for which EDA staff have had specific design experience is broad. The following technology keywords summarize most of these devices and disciplines.

Keywords which coincide with your product interests means even lower labor start up and completion costs as well the likelihood of prior proprietary novel technology.

Products & Sub-systems:

           Medical Devices:

Medical Monitors: State-of-the-art, miniaturized SMT biomedical amplifiers (reject ESU and RFI, very low noise, etc.), up to 8 channel high performance EEG medical amplifier systems, non-invasive blood pressure using oscillometric and auscultatory method, transcutaneous blood gas, dual and triple wavelength non-invasive pulse oximeter with wireless RF linking, EEG cerebral function, dual-channel EEG Low- Cost Student Monitor, inter-cranial pressure, gaseous oxygen, 8 to 16-channel EMG with 1.2 Mbps mini-coaxial PCM linking, chiropractic EMG scanning;  Digitized EKG with full defib protection and continous electrode impedance monitoring; stainless steel dry electrodes with embedded preamplfier; EEG amplifier with ESD/ RFI / ESU protection and test/cal signal injection while maintaining over 200 Meg input impedance and 100dB CMRR; mini-OEM oximeter board with under 75mW power draw. Sports medicine dual pulse muscular stimulation.

Medical Controllers: endoscopic surgery brushless motor controller with synthetic voice status reporting, anti-decubitus air and water bed controller.

  Standards: IEC60601-1-xx; FCC Part 15 & 68. Design review of products for Euro CE - ESD, RFI, EMI Susceptibility and Emissions Compliance


Wireless rain sensor and control system for Condo Lanai's, Hall-effect precision current sensors, optical bar-coded door/ auto key drawer secure access & control system; HVAC Energy conserving thermostat with building data network; power plant control circuit boards; race track photo-finish timing and control instruments;  high-speed machine tool speed optimizer using FFT analysis; automatic wireless RF linked service truck monitoring system with Windows based database reporting; plug-in test and measurement instrument system for the PC-ISA bus; twin engine and single engine aircraft security systems; telecommunications system products (very low cost modems), phone-line measurement instruments; enhanced RS-485 plant data network, CRC coding and data encryption subsystems; industrial valve closed loop controllers with MOD-BUS interfacing. High voltage generation: 55KV at 2amps peak (Stun devices). In analytic chemistry; DPV - Differential Pulse Voltammetry and Potentiostats.

Analog Circuits Technology:

Wireless Links: Serial data interfaced Bluetooth networking, design: DC to 950 MHz, 902 MHz digital/ voice FM short-range communication systems, SAW and helical wave filters, antenna design (Yagi, Log-periodic, trap multi-band), phase-lock loops, frequency synthesis by phase locked loop or DDS, Modulation designs using FM, DPSK, OOK and quadrature PSK links. Near Field Communication (NFC) and proximal inductive linking for fuel pumps and RFID cards; amplifiers, Class A, AB, C, D; short range Bluetooth and Zigbee data link to pocket PC..

Other: Linear and digital servo control, voice messaging subsystems, transducers for pressure, temperature, EMG, humidity, position, load, ultrasound, IR, power supplies: linear and switching to 100W, High Voltage pulse generation (to 60KV), A-to-D conversion to 24 bits, comparators to UHF range; platinum RTD temperature probe auto-calibrating input processor -- immune to lead wire resistance.

Digital and Interface Circuits and Software:

Interfaces: RS232; USB 1.1, 2.0; Bluetooth with iPAC comm; Zigbee and Mesh wireless networking.

Digital: Real-time digital control, digital filters (IIR and FIR), embedded controllers with PIC 24FJ256DA210 Graphics Engine based controller, PIC18F6310, PIC16F87x/ 18F25x, entire PIC 16Fxxxx series, TI MSP430P14x and TMS320 DSP series for modems and medical/ industrial signal filtering. Altera FPGA and CPLA,  MicroChip PIC and Intel assemblers, CCS "C" compiler and Micro-Engineering Labs PBP3 compiler, Visual Basic-6,  LabView,..

Display Technologies:

Custom LCD displays with magnetic wand touch selection, LED alpha-numeric, 1/4 VGA LCD; CCFL back-lit displays; 4W touch screen interfacing

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