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Sample Products Designed by EDA

A dual-accelerometer milling-machine tool breakage prevention monitor -- used in the automobile manufacturing industry.    Internal technology uses TI- TMS 320 DSP and isolated interfaces. A companion custom RS485 multidrop network interface box assures over 80 volts of common mode for large machines on an expansive factory floor.          ED-Chips1.jpg (62673 bytes)              ED-RS485Net.jpg (21896 bytes)   

   ...... a wireless remote entry and security system for Bonanza aircraft (300MHz):

 EDA-SmtLock.jpg (13234 bytes)  

.... and a service truck       monitoring  system for job-tracking and driver auto-mileage tracking in service fleets. Up to three weeks of collected data is automatically and wirelessly uploaded to the host site without air-time fees using custom-designed short-range FCC-ISM frequency-band binary FM radios. Custom designed drive-shaft and door sensors provided raw vehicle information.

            Here is a sixteen Channel EMG system designed for Motion Lab Systems, Inc. for use in hospital gait labs. A close up of the custom dry-electrodes with internal active pre-amplifier is adjacent. A single miniature coaxial cable connects the patient-carried "backpack". This cable carries both power and multiplexed high-speed EMG data on a multi-MegaHertz carrier signal..


                      ED-ML-dry-EMG.jpg (25543 bytes)

              Pmi210.jpg (12789 bytes) This prototype oximeter's 1/4 VGA LCD main screen displays: Pulse Rate, SpO2   and Respiration Rate.  Associated with each variable is a five-minute trend line.  The selectable Trend Screen displays SpO2 , Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate and the two vertical, thirteen segment bar graphs. The core processor is a Pentium class card.

... and an example of a larger medical instrument to control endoscopic surgery motor-tools. It had voice prompting and status reporting with six selectable languages. ed-endo1.jpg (36056 bytes)       EDA-XPS.jpg (21815 bytes)

.... A nautical industry product combined a GPS receiver and wireless signaling inside of water-proof wrist-radio cases to immediately sound an alarm when a "man-over-board" event occurred. The system would log the GPS coordinates at the time of the "event" and sound a horn alarm. Unused wrist-radios recharged while in the wall-unit.                                              EDA-LifeWatch.jpg (16202 bytes)

Custom plastic packaging can be modeled in a CAD package and then prototyped using Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA). An example of a remote controlled lamp dimmer switch prototype follows:

           swit6top.jpg (44288 bytes)        swit1.jpg (25960 bytes)

EDA can design into your product custom LCD displays and keyboards using snap dome switches, membranes or silicone rubber keypads. An example of custom LCD displays and a magnetic (Hall effect) keyboard is this prototype battery operated electronic bingo game. Proximity coupling was used to both charge its battery and download game data.

                       EDA-Bingo.jpg (41013 bytes) 

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