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EDA's Intellectual Property:   Available for Use in Your Product !             

This is a sampling of novel solutions ready for your product:

Proprietary Technology:

Novel technologies and circuit designs are available license-free for your product-line use when designed at EDA. We have created over 150 products in our existance -- and most have had one or more novel techologies incorporated -- technologies which can garner significant marketplace advantages for you.

  • Bio-Quiet Amplifiers(Medical Devices) A series of novel circuit technologies have been developed which can imbue multi-channel biomedical amplifers with state-of-the-art performance -- 0.5 micro-volt noise, immunity to RFI to 2.5GHz, "Defib" and Electro-Surgery (ESU) input signals, continuous electrode impedance measurement, miniature size and so forth.

  • Iso-BarrierTM (Medical Devices) A group of novel techniques ensure that the patient side to line side interface of your product enjoys over a 6kilovolt insulation, low capacitance (= low leakage current = Class CF), small size and excellent RFI ingress immunity.
  • ELITE KEY (Electronic Locking Intelligent Timed Entry)  (Secure Access Systems) A security system technology comprising three apparatuses sharing a time-varying code. The "key" can be a simple EEPROM type device in most applications with production costs of $0.50.  Applications are wide and include:
    • Internet Security
      • Financial Institutions, Securities Trading, Retail and Wholesale Commerce
      • Banking, Insurance and Services to Member's Network
    • Telecommunication Security
    • Physical Access Security
      • Hotel Rooms and Facilities, Corporate and Government Building Access
      • Airport Security, Bank Safe-Deposit Boxes, Hospital Drug Access
      • Autos, Trucks, Aircraft and Ships, Public Storage
      • Real Estate, Apartment and Condo Facilities  
    • Control Systems Security
      • Utility Power, Toll Gates, Draw Bridges, Traffic Signals
    • Satellite Data Network Security
      • Data encryption
    • Wireless Communication Security
      • PCS, CDPD and Cellular Telephones, IVDS Radio Networks

    Elite Key™ technology can defeat and frustrate the new breed of technocrook - the "hackers" who are disrupting communications networks and physical entry systems.  It is suitable for "off-line" systems and can be interfaced with Biometric identification devices.  It may be implemented in hardware-software configurations or entirely in software within existing computer based hardware platforms and has auditing capabilities.

  • Econo-Diversity (wireless devices): This unique technology imbues your wireless radio transmitter product with space diversity link reliability for typically less than one dollar. This has been successfully used on 432 MHz and 920MHz wireless signaling products.


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