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About our Facilities
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EDA has a multi-thousand square foot facility in the Lynmar Business Park section of West Tampa. On-site are facilities summarized below. After years of continuous addition of equipment and experience, EDA is well equipped to handle a wide variety of medical and industrial products. We don't have to learn at your expense how to design internationally acceptable products!
  • Design Electronics Laboratory: equipped with sampling oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, PC based in-circuit, Flash-download and ICD/ ICP devices, 5 1/2 digit DVM's, signal generation to 2.2 GHz, low and high frequency spectrum analyzers (up to 1.5 GHz) with EMI/RFI pre-compliance test antennas, environmental emulation chamber (-40C to 120C), signal generators from subsonic through UHF, power line emulators (domestic and international) including 6KV and 120KV ESD/ Insulation integrity generators, frequency and level standards equipment, C-Compilers and Assemblers (primarily for TI-MSP430, Intel 80C52, and MicroChip PIC series uC's), and a wide variety of ancillary measurement tools including temperature, air flow, pressure, light intensity, shaft RPM, and sound level instruments.
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  • Technical Library: equipped with extensive EEM parts files and high-speed internet access, trade journals, medical and industrial design texts, and so forth. (* EEM = Electronic Engineer's Master index system). This is of course supplemented with internet access -- a direct-cell tower RF 6GHz high speed two way link is maintained with the "backbone".
  • Documentation System and Standards: an in-house materials and product device numbering system has been refined after years of use. A complete Device Change Order (DCO/ ECN) process, revision control, etc. system is in-place for your use. A library of baseline circuit designs and Material Specifications (MatSpecs) has been created over the years. This saves you $$ since usually only 35% or less of your product's circuits and parts are typically "new".
  • Prototype Wood & Metal Shop: To expedite your prototypes, a wood and basic metal working shop is on site. Mockups of your product can be produced quickly for marketing evaluation.
  • CAD Design Center: the CAD facility includes the usual PC-based tools with plotters and printers. The CAD software employed in designs are Alibre-3D and TurboCAD for mechanical assemblies,  Cadsoft Eagle for schematics and PWB layout, and Corel Draw for artworks. A manual capability is also maintained for short quick-run jobs.
  • Meeting & A/V Training Room: a large conference room with A/V tools assures effective client and staff meetings as well as staff training tools. Digital cameras can record white-board meeting results and can be e-mailed with results reports. Video cameras are used for logging intensive design creation meetings so you can come away with a complete design-concepts history. 

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