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Documentation - The Key to Manufacturing Success:

Many new start-up companies have little understanding of how crucial the documentation process is to their product's manufacturing success.  In a very real sense, EDA's product is the document package defining your product. If it is incomplete or "fuzzy",   your product will surely experience costly mistakes and delays when it is quoted and manufactured.  EDA views preparation of the document package as a serious matter.   We subscribe and adhere to FDA's Good Manufacturing practices for both medical and industrial products.

This page summarizes our approach to product documentation.  The documents are listed from top-level to low-level.  The product's design specification and risk/ hazard analysis is presumed to already exist.   To compliment this process, EDA has a well defined part number system and configuration control procedure for your use, if needed.

Product Documents: any data which defines and communicates the construction and/or specifications of a part or software.  It could be in the form of a paper drawing, a computer data file, an artwork, etc.

Product Bible:
The entire set of product documents defining a product is organized into a digital folder organized file and sometimes into a loose-leaf notebook. This "bible" may contain drawings, procedures, code listings and so forth.  There may be a separate bible for each Phase of a product's development - e.g.: Pilot Production Bible, Production Prototype Bible...

Device Master Record (DMR): This is a one or two page, A-size spread-sheet document and is organized as a table of all custom assemblies comprising your product.   Each Assembly has its defining documents listed by its current revision number or letter.  The "rev." number of the DMR = the Product's rev.#.

Overview Drawing (-DV): This is ordinarily a single  page which sketches the subassembly from a perspective view.  It is designed to rapidly communicate a look and "feel" for the subassembly.  The drawing tools may be may be anyone of a number of CAD drawing tools but it is delivered as a PDF.

Doc. Record & Parts List (-LP): This "DRPL" is a combined parts list (often called a Bill of Materials or "BOM") for an assembly and a list of documents which exist to support its manufacture.  EDA normally defines each custom part with its seven-digit number system, which in turn refers to either custom documents or a purchase Material Specification.

Doc. Schematic (-DE):  Each electronic circuit subassembly will have its own schematic diagrams.  These are typically B-size drawings.  EDA's schematic procedure demands that this diagram not only communicates wiring, but also signal flow, basic test information and other data, important to understanding the function and engineering design intent, in a concise manner.  EDA's CAD support software is primarily CADsoft's Eagle which has a freeware reader for your use.

PWB Specification Package (-SP):   Each electronic printed wiring board has a document package of its own, which typically consists of a Purchase Spec., a Mechanical/Drill drawing and one or more artwork layers.  These circuit wiring and masking layers are typically specified and recorded as Gerber plotter files on computer disks.

Mechanical Drawing (-DM):  Mechanical parts, such as brackets, box parts and so forth, are specified on A or B-size drawings using TurboCAD, AutoCAD Inventor  or similar CAD software.

Graphic Artwork (-AG):  Panel markings, labels and so forth are defined with both paper printouts and CAD art computer files.

Assembly Guideline (-PG):  This informal written procedure outlines the assembly process as envisioned by the design engineering team.  This engineering "view- point" is vital for communication with any future manufacturing team and is especially effective for complex subassemblies.

Test Procedure (-PT):  This procedure defines a recommended test process for a subassembly.  EDA expands its scope to include a basic test specification, as well as, a preliminary test procedure.   This reduces your development costs for new products.

Software Listing (-LS):  Each embedded computing or programmable device will have its own firmware listing, which includes source code and compiled code.  The source listing is typically provided as ASCII readable files.  EDA's source code is prefaced with a "technical memo", which provides nearly complete background on the "why", "what" and "how" of the design.  This substantially reduces your future maintenance costs.


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