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Our Clients:

It is not practical to list all of our clients here. However, the following list gives an overview of some of our valued clients and related products designed and manufactured.
Nautical Structures Shipboard electro- hydraulic crane controls
Raytheon Aircraft Services Aircraft anti-theft systems for Super King Air and Bonaza (cockpit keypad, etc)
Lockheed-Martin Corp. Vehicle fuel monitoring/authorization system using proximity wireless technology
Design & Mfg. Solutions, Inc. Optimum speed FFT analyzer for milling machines
Stardom Corp. Ultra-sonic ranging devices with voice chip instructions
Leslie Controls Large-valve, industrial electronic-feedback controllers
GuardTek Corp.

Air Sentry Inc.

John Deere Consumer Products

Wireless automatic vehicle activity monitor system

HVAC wireless monitoring system (delta-T, pan water, air-flow, Comprsr. Curr)

Electronic fuel controls

Motion Lab Systems Hospital gait lab EMG monitors
Xomed Surgical Products Endoscopic surgery motor driver console
Neurowave Systems EEG Biomedical Products
Codman / J & J Intercranial pressure monitor
OSI / Dolphin Medical, Inc. Oximeter systems

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